A spectacular wedding in the Yorkshire Dales. Alice & Stu’s wedding at the Tithe Barn, Bolton Abbey

Alice Stuart Tithe Barn Bolton Abbey Alice Stuart Tithe Barn Bolton Abbey Alice Stuart Tithe Barn Bolton Abbey Alice Stuart Tithe Barn Bolton Abbey Alice Stuart Tithe Barn Bolton Abbey

Wow, Alice & Stu’s wedding at the Tithe Barn was spectacular. Yesterday feels like a whirlwind, I had so much fun myself being a big part of it and the shots I feel capture the energy that we’re all still reeling from today.

Alice & Stu were set up by their friend (in attendance at the wedding) down in London five years ago. It was a fully blind date meeting, and the dream outcome came true! These two are incredible together, and seeing their families come together was a treat. There were so many characters of all ages playing out emotion and fun at its best.

Alice, an Ilkley girl and Stu a ‘home counties Scotsman’ as he was called by his best man, the Tithe Barn at Bolton Abbey was their perfect venue, being so close to home for Alice and having a real countryside feel. Their pre-wedding shoot we had in Ilkley in December was so rainy, but also a lot of fun with them dancing in the rain (see pics below), the sun decided to show for their wedding day, with an insanely good golden hour – lucky Alice & Stu!

The Scottish traditions were alive and well with a full ceilidh at night, and a post speech drinking from a quaich – a ‘loving cup’ of whisky is passed round and drank between the families, which I partook in – lovely whisky choice of Lagavulin there team.

Congrats Alice & Stu, have the best time on honeymoon and I’ll see you down in Hove in the summer!! x

Hair – @emilyhawkeshair
Makeup – @amy.george.makeup
Florist – @peartreehouseflowers
Dress – @suzanneneville
Tailoring – @the_bobbin_bridal
Groom kilt – @macgregorandmacduff
Band – @nothernhousebanduk
Ceilidh – Buttered Peas
Cake – @bettys
Wooden board for cake – @whatwoodyoulike
Wedding signage – @design.your.day
Bagpiper – Craig Macintosh

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20th April 2024

Alice & Stu – Tithe Barn, Bolton Abbey

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