My Philosophy 

Humans are designed to connect and engage with other humans. It’s inevitable that we feel a connection to photographs of people that are genuine, lifelike and natural - just like our relationships with them.

Fun Colourful Modern Natural • Fun • Authentic •

"Human connection, and its value to us all, is at the heart of my photography."

10 Ways to describe my style

Images that are impossible not to smile at

I live to capture photos like this one of Amy & Andy. They’d just said ‘yes’ to the big question. Immediately both side-glanced each other, and completely burst out laughing. A frozen moment in time like this captures everything about them.


Be a Fruit Loop, in a world full of Cheerios

Or a party ring amongst a load of rich teas. Or a Pina Colada amongst 10 pints of Carling. My point is, I take images that are as unique as you are.


Perfect for Chandler Bings and camera shy couples

All my couples hate having their picture taken, which is why my process is so personal. You may be thinking, ‘how will we look as happy as all these other couples?’ Every couple on my website are just regular normal people, with the same camera shy worries you may have as well.


Your story told, from start, to the finish.

I won’t run off straight after the first dance, you’ll want to remember the hazy memories from the floor! I’ll tell the story from your innocent morning Bellinis to here, when Alex split the dance floor


Do not read the next sentence!

You little rebel, I like you. Rule-breaking is what I’m all about. My style’s youthful. I keep the best traditions and throw out the boring ones. No gimmicks. No clichés. No cheese.

Wedding photography from a guest’s perspective

I’m there to blend in, be a fly on the wall but also be one of the gang! I spend 90% of the day mixing amongst your friends and family, in the action. People know I’m there, but trust me. It’s how I get images that will transport you right back from the future. 

I take wedding portraits that won’t make you want to die inside.

My style is laid back, emphasising candid imagery above anything posed or structured. Portraits that will make you excited to take a place on your living room wall.

I do a pre wedding shoot with every couple 

It’s included in my package - there’s no better way to ease you in, and get to know you guys before the big day by hanging out, taking photos and sinking a well-earned drink afterwards.

Plenty of candid moments of those who matter

Your wedding is a real opportunity to capture a huge collection of candid, storytelling photographs that depict all the people you care about most. 


I’ll deliver the important photos, while reflecting your personalities

Let’s face it, no one wants to be standing like a penguin for longer than 5-10 minutes as a photographer barks orders. Group shots still deserve a place at weddings, but informally, smoothly and snappy (time-wise that is).


What I do and how I do it

I bring maximum colour, light and life into my photographs.

I arrive early and leave late. I like to blend in and create an atmosphere of fun and spontaneity where everyone feels relaxed in front of the camera. 

I will give you photographs that you will love forever. I’m there to build a body of images that when you sit down in a year, two or twenty, it feels like you’re there. Knowing I’m taking care of this, you’ll relax, take every minute in, and have the best day ever. 

"I choose to focus on the raw, authentic, human side of relationships."

He took time to understand our vision, and our traditions

We could not be more happy with having Hamish as our photographer. From the moment we met him, we felt like he was someone we had known for years. He took the time to understand not only our vision, but some of the different traditions that come along with both a Jewish and American wedding. He captured the most beautiful moments, ones that most other photographers would have missed. His work is extraordinary, and the photographs perfectly depict the love and joy we felt that day.

He worked so hard to capture as many incredible moments and shots as possible

Having seen Hamish work and loving his warm, natural and emotive style we knew he was the only photographer for us. So much so, we considered no-one else and chose our wedding date around his availability. He worked so hard to capture as many incredible moments and shots as possible, and the results were perfect. All our friends & family comment they are the best pictures they've seen and how perfectly he captured the day, of course we agree! He felt like part of the family & was a joy to have there



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