It’s an impossible task to summarise with words just how incredible this year has been, but that’s what photos are best for! So take a peek through these windows into the best of life and love from this year.

Thank you to everyone who’s trusted me to capture their memories and emotions. I experience so much emotion in this job myself, and my heart is full of gratitude for the opportunities couples trust me with every year. 

I hope you get a sense of what I love capturing. Here’s 100 (or so) pictures from 57 wonderful weddings this year. Enjoy x

Leeds Wedding Photographer Hamish Irvine The calls calls landing me and you mural wedding photos Hamish Irvine Photographer Leeds best of 2022


Thank you so much for scrolling through. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer right now, come say hello and let’s chat! Here’s what I look like so I’m not a total stranger…


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Leeds wedding photographer Hamish Irvine


23rd January 2023

Best of 2022

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