Leeds wedding photography

Leeds wedding photography

Best of 2021 Wedding Photography

The grip of the pandemic loosened, and we came out to party. 

It’s hard to believe 2021’s complete! 64 weddings feels incredible. It felt so good to be back doing what I love. I’ve travelled round the country, captured countless unforgettable moments, laughed and cried with people I’ve just met, edited till my eyes have gone square, and its all been so incredibly fulfilling. 

I raise my glass to all the couples who battled postponements to finally have their day. Having been there with each one of you through thick and thin, capturing your day was all so worth the wait. 

The thing I get the most out of this job, is getting to know my couples as friends, beyond just being clients. I can’t tell you how rewarding this is. It’s such a special feeling making magic out of the most intimate and emotional moments of peoples’ lives. You all make this job so incredible. Thank you! 

So this is the top 100 photos of 2021. The busiest wedding season of all, but the best that will ever be.

Prepare yourself for colour, craziness and couples losing it on the dancefloor …

Thank you so much for looking through my Best of 2021 wedding photography!

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1st February 2022

Best of 2021

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