Iberica Leeds Wedding Photography


Did that get your attention? This wedding was sure to if you were in town yesterday. F*** me, what a ridiculously good day!! Maria & Tom’s was always gonna be a riot. And wasn’t it just? Like, c’mon, what a wedding?!? Leeds, keep throwing me your most fun couples, and I shalt deliver.

One of Leeds’ hottest restos Iberica hosted one of Leeds’ hottest couples, Maria & Tom. Forged in 2019, their first date was a gig, seeing Elder Island (a band I absolutely love myself) and little did they know that night, the songs they were hearing would play on their wedding day just four years later. 2020’s lockdown saw them move in together in Chapel Allerton, and the fun they had just kept on coming and coming. And yesterday they got married, on a rainy grey Saturday and brought all the colour to their city. Having the wedding ceremony at Leeds Civic Hall was beautiful too, just a stones throw from Iberica and gave us the chance to walk round the city before the ceremony, before the rain came in.

Anyway, that’s enough chitter-chatter, you’re best off seeing the photos to tell this wonderful story. You’ll feel the energy effervescing through the photographs of this terrific love and spectacular day.

Thanks Maria & Tom, you know how much I love you guys. I can’t believe I didn’t know you before your wedding haha!

Hamish x

1st October 2023

Maria & Tom – Iberica & Leeds Civic Hall

Leeds Wedding Photography

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