I’m Hamish!

Leeds, London and Destination Wedding Photographer 

Welcome! Come explore my fun, honest and colourful style of wedding photography. There's tons of weddings over on the blog. All the pricing and package info in brief down below, a wee bit of silly writing about me too! And a whole load of joyful, genuine and stunning photography to see. 

"I’m an emotional photographer. I’ve tailored my style to capture every emotion, every detail and every story in beautiful and creative photographs that make moments come to life." 


Inspiring moments, colourful storytelling, fly on the wall reportage, fun uncontrived portraits, all with just the right amount of tradition.

My style is emotional; I record and document the touching and uplifting moments that make weddings beautiful, from every angle, from start to finish.

Between the big moments in the day, I’m a discrete fly on the wall, blending in with guests, this way I get the best reactions. For me, it’s not just about capturing the the bride and groom, but just as much the guests, snapping mingling and capturing the moments you might not necessarily see yourselves. Alongside all the little details and efforts you’ve put into your day, I’ll preserve them, not a memory is missed.

My style of portraits are genuine and a lot of fun. I’m not a contrived photographer, I capture you both as you are together honestly. I manage group shots with straight direction and a pinch of silly humour in very little time.

My Package

A Pre-Wedding/Engagement Shoot

All day photography coverage (no time limit).

A highlights blog on my website of approx. 150 images the day after your wedding. You get to see a story of your day within 24 hours! 

A USB of approximately 400-600 images


About Me

From a very early age I was obsessed with photographs, cameras and storytelling. All of my Dad’s side of the family are journalists, I’ve always figured they tell stories through words, and I do through images.

I got into wedding photography when I was 13, assisting and second shooting for pros through school. I went onto study a degree in photography at Leeds Arts University, from which I graduated with a First Class Honours. Throughout my uni years I built up my own business photographing weddings and freelancing shooting advertising, events, portraits, and interestingly squash photography (not the vegetable…or the drink…the sport haha). Click below to read more! 

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