2020. Top 50.

I capture our happiest moments. This year, those moments took on a new meaning…

For a year of weddings that’ll look like no other, I’m so proud and honoured to have joined thirteen couples defy the virus. Putting a lens on this unique year’s weddings has been extraordinary. 

The pandemic has brought us all closer. Photographing the connections between family and friends at weddings has been unlike any year before. We’re stronger and more grateful for what we have, capturing this has been a unique privilege as a photographer. 

I’m more emotional, determined and connected to this job than ever before. This year has certainly had its testing moments, but in hindsight, it’s heartwarming to reflect, that in all this difficulty, I (and all of us) appreciate more than ever, what we have. 

Thank you to all the couples who have embraced me on their journey postponing to next year and beyond. It’s been so rewarding supporting you already, I cannot wait to capture your best day ever. 

And to all the couples who took the plunge and went for it this year, how incredible and special was it!? I’ll never forget we kicked covid up the ass. Thank you so much for taking me along for the ride. 

Love, connection and emotion: the three things I focus on photographing at weddings, despite all this, remain intact and stronger than ever. Let’s cherish the moments that mean so much to us. 

All the best for 2021, see you then!!


Here’s my annual selection of my picks from the ‘best’ pics of 2020. If you like what you see, check out my Best of 2019!



29th December 2020

Best of 2020 – A year of weddings like no other

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