For me, there is no single word that can summarise how I feel about photography

Meet Me

The thrill of preserving time, memories and moments is what drove me to pick up a camera when I was very young. Stylistically, I photograph life as it is, illuminating the emotion and moments that call out to be preserved, that say something about the world, and that make us think.

But all of that is very deep haha, enough of photography!

So, jazz music is the soundtrack to my life, (even as I write this I’ve got some ridiculously jazzy flute playing through my headphones) I really can’t get enough of it. I play saxophone in my band, Kameleon and play gigs across Leeds. Improvising is my jam, bustin’ out solos on stage alongside my pals is one of the best feelings ever! 

I’m big into my beer. I brew my own too, just so I can have it on tap constantly (don’t fear though, I don’t drink at weddings!). My last batch was a golden ale I named ‘Rhythm is a Pilsner’, and before that there was ‘The Yeastie Boys’…hah!

Getting out of the UK and travelling is a big part of my life. A couple of years ago I went to Vietnam, bought a motorbike for $250 and rode 2000km from south to north alone, it was the best time ever, especially with my photography too. My next big trip is to travel to India- any recommendations welcome!

Get in touch if you want to find out more about my style, or even me! It’s always best to know the person behind the camera at your wedding, it’s a big responsibility. I’m always happy to go on a date to get to talk through your day before you make any decisions. 

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